Urine For Myoglobin (Standard Method)

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    A Urine Myoglobin test determines the presence of myoglobin protein in your urine. Your doctor can assess any damage to your muscle tissue using this Urine Myoglobin test. It can also help the doctor analyse your risk of kidney damage from muscle injury.

    The Urine Myoglobin Test

    Myoglobin is a protein present in your skeletal muscle and heart. It functions by binding oxygen and supplying it to the muscle fibres in your body. 

    In case you undergo muscle damage, this protein can enter your bloodstream and as a result, the kidneys may release myoglobin through urine. So, your doctors need to examine its presence with the help of a standard procedure.

    Apollo 24|7’s Urine Myoglobin Test requires you to provide a urine sample, which is sent to a highly advanced medical laboratory to detect the presence of myoglobin protein. In most cases, you don’t need to fast before undergoing this testing.
    For normal results, myoglobin should be absent from your urine sample. In some cases, the quantity should be highly negligible.

    Why Should You Get Tested?

    A Urine Myoglobin test is suggested to detect a possible muscle injury in most cases. You might be facing a fast heart rate, stomach pain, fever, or severe muscle pain. So, these symptoms can show the possibility of muscle damage.

    Timely treatment of myoglobin can prevent further complications. This protein can damage your kidneys. So, an in-depth report can help your doctor suggest an effective treatment.

    In some cases, a medical expert can suggest using IV fluids to flush myoglobin from your system. However, this decision is entirely based on the myoglobin level in your urine.

    Medically reviewed by Dr. S K Sahoo, Senior Consultant, General Physican/Internal MedicineApollo Hospitals Sector 26, Noida.

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