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Does the Indian Diet Play a Role In Developing Diabetes?

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By Apollo 24|7, Published on - 02 April 2024, Updated on - 08 April 2024

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What you eat significantly affects your health; the same is true for diabetes. The Indian diet, rich in flavors and diversity, may play a crucial role in diabetes development. Let's delve into how certain aspects of this culinary culture might contribute to this prevalent health condition.

Indian Diet and Diabetes Risk

The Indian diet, renowned for its spice-infused dishes, cereals consumption, and generous use of oils, can sometimes lean towards unhealthy territory. Research indicates that a diet high in milk, meat, low-fiber foods, and junk food can negatively impact your blood sugar levels or glucose control - key factors influencing diabetes. High consumption of these foods can also contribute to increased cholesterol levels and an increased prevalence of hypertension and— risk factors for type 2 diabetes.

The Caloric Balance

Indian cuisine is often high in calories because of ghee (clarified butter), oils, and sugar usage. Consuming food with high caloric content can lead to weight gain—a significant risk factor for developing diabetes. Moreover, traditional Indian diets carry a high glycaemic load—another contributor to an elevated risk of diabetes.

Traditional Practices: A Silver Lining

On the brighter side, traditional Indian dietary practices promoting local, seasonal, plant-based ingredients prove beneficial for managing pediatric diabetes. This balanced approach aids in improving glycemic control and adherence to meal plans.

Making Healthy Choices

To minimize potential risks associated with the Indian diet, developing personalized meal plans with doctors is essential.

While certain aspects of the Indian diet may increase the risk of diabetes, mindful eating habits can help manage this risk effectively. Embrace healthier alternatives within the rich palate of Indian cuisine to enjoy its flavors without compromising health.


Diabetes Management

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