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5 Things You Should Start Practising To Improve Your Sex Life

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By Apollo 24|7, Published on - 07 February 2023, Updated on - 10 September 2023

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Many couples get stuck in a sexual rut. Well, there's nothing to be ashamed of. Whether it's hectic schedules, mental tiredness, physical changes, or declining hormone levels, there are many things that can have an adverse impact on your sex life. While there are plenty of therapies and medications available for resolving these issues, most problems can be easily rectified by making simple lifestyle changes. So, here are some effective tips for improving your sex life.

1. Communicate Openly

Lack of communication is the primary cause of sex droughts in relationships. It is often difficult for couples to talk about sex even when things are going great. In the case of sexual problems, feelings of shame, guilt, hurt, and resentment can make communicating even more challenging. Notably, sexual attraction begins in the hypothalamus, the area of your brain responsible for releasing testosterone, while the other part of the brain called the amygdala controls fear. Talking passionately to your partner would help activate these regions of your brain, not only improving your sex life but also forming a stronger emotional bond. 

2. Educate Yourself

There is loads of great self-help material available for all types of sexual issues. Check out the local bookstore or browse through the internet to help yourself and your partner gain a better understanding of the issues plaguing your sex life. Your doctor can also suggest you some books that may also help you deal with the situation. 

3. Schedule Time for Sex

Another thing you can do to improve your chances of having great sex is by finding a comfortable, quiet, interruption-free setting for spending some quality time with your partner. You can set some time aside for it by marking it in your calendar. While many people may not find this practice romantic, scheduling the time can eliminate any stressors or distractions, helping you improve the experience.

4. Try Different Positions

Diversifying sexual positions can not only add interest to your lovemaking but also aid in overcoming any problems you might be having. For instance, certain sex positions might work better for you than those you usually engage in, helping you reach orgasm. 

5. Don't Give up

Even if you’ve tried everything you can to improve your sex life and nothing seems to work, don’t lose hope. Consult a sex therapist as a specialised professional can help determine the root cause of your problem, making it easy for you to address the problem effectively. 

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