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Dr Nikhil Jillawar, Gastroenterology/gi Medicine Specialist in pune
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Dr Nikhil Jillawar

Gastroenterology/gi Medicine Specialist

14 YRS Exp.

MBBS, MS, M.CH Gastroenterology

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Apollo Clinic, Nigdi, Pune

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Best Gastroenterologists in Pune

Individuals suffering from digestive issues require the supervision of gastroenterologists for a comprehensive treatment plan. Gastroenterologists assess the digestive system to diagnose, manage and treat diseases related to the liver, oesophagus, pancreas, gallbladder, intestines, and stomach. Apollo Spectra Hospitals Pune is the leading multispeciality hospital, home to the top gastroenterologists in Pune.

Each of our gastroenterologists has decades of experience in treating complicated digestive issues, such as peptic ulcer disease, lactose intolerance, Crohn's disease, appendicitis, and related disorders.
Our doctors take a dedicated approach to treating each patient diligently to understand the root cause of gastrointestinal issues.

What Are  Obvious Signs Patients Need to Consult a Gastroenterologist?

Disorders related to the gastrointestinal tract require more care than a general practitioner provides. One of the most common disorders they treat are issues digesting food or gastric problems and bloating. As such, patients can also seek a gastroenterologist in Pune for advanced disorders like Achalasia, GERD, Gastroparesis, etc.
Indigestion or bloating is not a serious concern, but individuals should seek medical help when it becomes regular.

Most individuals adopt home remedies or take over-the-counter medicines to resolve gastric issues. However, these medicines are not without side effects and may pose severe threats in the long run.

The top gastroenterologists in Pune advise seeking professional help upon noticing a few early warning signs. These symptoms include:

  • Heartburn (acid reflux): A burning feeling in the chest caused by acid from the stomach travelling up towards the throat. Although it is not something to worry about, it can be severe when individual experiences it regularly. Persistent heat burn is an early sign of gastro-oesophageal reflux disease (GORD).
  • Pain in the Abdomen: Individuals often experience pain in the abdomen when they cannot digest food. Abdominal cramps after waking up in the morning on an empty stomach or after or before having a meal are common signs that patients should seek medical help.
  • Changes in Bowel Movement: Experiencing constipation for several weeks or sudden change in bowel movement and inability to pass stool can indicate irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) or bowel cancer.
  • Nausea and Vomiting: Feeling nausea or the urge to throw up after eating are signs that the body cannot process the food. Stomach ulcers or food poisoning may be responsible for this.

Different Sub-Specialities Under Gastroenterology

Gastroenterology is a subspecialty of internal medicine in which the top gastroenterologists in Pune treat disorders primarily related to the digestive system. They are commonly referred to as GI doctors.

However, this discipline has different sub-specialities, and each sub-speciality targets a separate gastroenterology section. This can help patients to make an informed decision when choosing the top gastroenterologist in Pune.

  • Hepatologists: The hepatologist specialises in issues related to the liver, gallbladder, pancreas, and bile ducts.
  • Gastrointestinal Oncologist: Cancer in any digestive organs, such as oesophagal, stomach, and gastrointestinal cancers, is diagnosed and treated by gastrointestinal oncologists.
  • Paediatric Gastroenterologists: They are specially trained to perform diagnostic tests on the digestive system of children.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can consult a Gastroenterology/gi Medicine Specialist online here at Apollo24|7. We have an excellent team of noted Gastroenterology/gi Medicine Specialists in pune . A video consultation is enough for a Gastroenterology/gi Medicine Specialist help you out with your problem concerning your Managing digestive health.

You can book an online consultation either on Apollo24|7 website or mobile app 24/7 in two ways. 1. Click 'Book Apollo Doctor Appointment' button on the website/app's homepage, select Gastroenterology/gi Medicine Specialist, or type the doctor's name directly. Once you select a doctor, you can click on the 'Consult Now' button to start the online consultation. 2. You can also look for a doctor based on your symptoms; you may start by going to the website/app's homepage. Then click on the 'Symptoms Checker' tab, search for your symptoms, or select a few of them based on your health condition. Click 'Consult Doctor,' select a doctor and click on the 'Consult Now' button to start the online consultation.

The Gastroenterology/gi Medicine Specialists’ charges depend on their experience; You can join Apollo Circle and avail of discount benefits on consultations, medicines, and products.

Yes, you can consult a Gastroenterology/gi Medicine Specialist anytime in pune. You can either book a consultation in advance, i.e., at a specific time and date, or a few minutes before at your convenience.

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