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Book appointment for a trusted Paediatricians in Vellore. Check doctor fees, available slots & locations. Apollo 24|7 features some of the top Paediatricians in Vellore who have experience in treating conditions such as Constipation, Puberty, Nutrition and more. You can book online consultations & physical doctor appointments via Apollo 24|7. Compare Paediatricians fees, experience and more, find a specialist doctor near you. Apollo hospitals has a renowned Paediatrics department in Vellore.

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Dr Vishnu Vardhan, Paediatrician in vellore
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Dr Vishnu Vardhan


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English, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil

Apollo Hospitals Chittoor, Aragonda

Available at 3:30 AM

Pediatric Care in Vellore  

Experience top-quality pediatric care in Vellore, a dynamic known for its corporate hubs and growing infrastructure. With the Apollo 24|7 network, finding a leading pediatrician in Vellore is now just a click away. Whether you need routine check-ups or specialized attention for your child, we're here to assist you in your search. Trust us to connect you with the best child specialist in Vellore, ensuring your little ones receive the care they deserve. 

Understanding Pediatricians 

Pediatricians are medical experts specializing in children's health, dedicated to diagnosing and treating illnesses, injuries, and developmental concerns in infants, children, and adolescents. From identifying childhood diseases to administering vaccinations, they play a crucial role in ensuring your child's healthy development into adulthood. 

Access to Premier Care 

Vellore boasts an impressive array of pediatric specialists and state-of-the-art healthcare facilities, making it a leading destination for pediatric care in the region. Whether it's routine check-ups or managing complex health issues, these doctors provide Best and personalized care to meet your child's unique needs, all accessible through Apollo 24|7. 

When to Consult a Pediatrician 

As a parent or guardian in Vellore, prioritizing your children's health is paramount. Consult a pediatrician promptly if your child experiences fever, digestive issues, behavioral changes, frequent infections, or respiratory difficulties. 

Services Offered 

Pediatricians in Vellore offer a wide range of services, including immunizations, developmental screenings, injury treatments, acute illness management, and chronic disease care, ensuring holistic well-being for your child. 

Consulting a Pediatrician 

Accessing the best pediatrician in Vellore is convenient with the Apollo 24|7 app. Explore profiles, read reviews, and schedule appointments seamlessly. Teleconsultations are also available for remote guidance before scheduling an in-person visit. 

Role of Pediatricians in Healthcare 

Pediatricians play a vital role in healthcare by diagnosing and treating childhood conditions, emphasizing preventive care, and collaborating with other healthcare professionals to enhance quality of life. 

Your Child's Well-Being Matters 

Choosing the right pediatrician in Vellore is crucial for your child's health and development. Let Apollo 24|7 be your partner on this journey, ensuring you're connected to the best pediatric care with care and precision. Trust us to provide expert and compassionate care for your little ones.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do paediatricians in Noida diagnose infections in babies?

The primary step is evaluating the symptoms and recommending blood tests to understand the basic parameters. These two steps are enough to diagnose an infection.

Deworming is widely advised in children since worm infestations are common. It consists of prescribing them anti-parasitic medicines twice a year.

One of the most common signs of urine infection is difficulty passing urine. Additionally, if you notice that the child’s frequency of urination has reduced or increased significantly, it could be due to illness. Other signs include itching, a change in the colour of the urine, and lower pelvic pain.

Yes. One needs to stay in touch with a paediatrician to understand their child’s nutritional requirements. Based on their advice, it is possible to overcome undernutrition through healthy home-based meals by incorporating balanced components like vegetables, proteins, fruits, and fibre.