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Radiation Oncology

The branch of medicine which focusses on the treatment of cancer using radiation is known as radiation oncology. A radiation oncologist specialises in the treatment and management of cancer using ionising radiations.

You can consult a Radiation Oncologists if

  • Your oncologist recommends or refers you to a radiation oncologist after diagnosing and evaluating your scans and blood reports.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Some patients experience minimal or no pain during radiation therapy. However, depending on the type of cancer and site of cancer some can experience discomfort and pain mild to moderate in the breast and chest regions along with nausea after undergoing radiation therapy.

Salts, alcohol and fats, mainly saturated in nature, interfere with radiation therapies. Your doctor will tell you more in detail about the foods and diets which are to be avoided before taking radiation therapy.

Both chemotherapy and radiation therapy have their own benefits. Usually, chemotherapy is given after successful onco-surgeries to uniformly kill cancer cells in the body via drugs. Radiation therapy is site-specific and targets at reducing cancer cells in areas of the body which have been affected by cancer with the help of ionising radiations.

Radiation therapy can be given right from the early stage to later advanced stages of cancer. At the early stages, it is mostly given to shrink the tumour size before operating. At later stages, it is recommended to arrest and kill cancer cells inside the body.

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