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    Allergies occur when the body's immune mechanism recognises some substances as harmful and creates Immunoglobulin E (IgE) antibodies to combat them. The intensity of an allergy differs from one person to the other.

    Fruit allergies account for roughly 10% of all food allergies and cause the body to perceive the fruit as a toxic substance rather than a food. The immune mechanism releases antibodies and histamines to combat the toxin, resulting in symptoms such as oedema, rashes, gastrointestinal difficulties, throat swelling, and more. These allergic responses may affect the mouth or any skin surface that comes into contact with the allergen.

    The Allergy Fruit Panel test assesses an individual's allergy to different varieties of fruit. A condition referred to as Oral Allergy Syndrome (OAS) can sometimes induce fruit allergies. Due to the resemblance between the proteins found in particular varieties of fruit and pollen, people with allergies to certain kinds of pollen may suffer from OAS.

    In addition, allergies to certain vegetables and nuts might also be triggered by OAS.

    In certain situations, people who are sensitive to uncooked fruits might be able to consume cooked versions of the same fruits without difficulty. This is because heat causes the allergy-causing proteins to break down.

    After consumption, the symptoms of allergy can appear within a few minutes or hours. Some of the common symptoms of OAS are:

    • Hives or rashes 
    • Diarrhoea  
    • Vomiting 
    • Tingling in the mouth 
    • Breathlessness 
    • Itching  
    • Swelling of the throat, lips, or tongue 
    • Flushed skin

    The Allergy Fruit Panel test from Apollo 24|7 uses a blood specimen to determine if you are allergic or intolerant to bananas. Banana allergies are most common in the throat and mouth. Latex or pollen allergies are the most widespread causes of these sensitivities. This indicates that if you are allergic to bananas, you are probably allergic to fresh fruits, vegetables and tree pollen. It could also indicate an allergy to rubber latex.

    While most banana allergies are moderate, specific allergic responses can induce blood pressure dips, breathing difficulties, and anaphylactic shock. Additionally, if you have a minor allergic response to bananas, you may also have an allergic reaction to kiwis, chestnuts, or avocados.

    Since the banana and plantain belong to the same botanical category, individuals with banana allergies may also be allergic to plantains. However, not all hives and irritation symptoms are related to fruit allergies. Hence, allergy testing can assist in establishing the best course of action as well as filter out other significant health issues.

    Symptoms of an allergic response should be reported to a doctor, who may connect you with an allergist if required.

    Taking an Allergy Fruit Panel test is also helpful in:

    • Determining the presence of IgE antibodies in the bloodstream as well as the severity of a person's sensitivity to certain fruits.
    • Detecting whether you have Oral Allergy Syndrome or anaphylaxis. 

      Medically reviewed by Dr. Saibal Moitra, Allergist and clinical immunologist, Apollo Multispeciality Hospitals, Kolkata.

    faqFrequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Frequently asked questions

    The concentrations of certain Immunoglobulin E (IgE) antibodies in the bloodstream are measured by an Allergy Fruit Panel test. These antibodies are produced due to the immune system's reaction to particular food allergens. IgE antibodies are generally detected in modest concentrations in the bloodstream, however, elevated levels can indicate fruit allergies.
    An Allergy Fruit Panel test does not necessitate any special preparation. Your healthcare professional may ask you to fast before the test in some instances. If you take antihistamines, you must tell your doctor.
    Allergic responses to various fruits have been observed, however, the most common and accurately characterised are allergic responses to peach, kiwi, and apple.
    A negative reaction usually suggests you have no fruit allergies. However, a person may obtain a negative test report and yet be sensitive to the allergen in rare situations.
    Banana allergies are uncommon and affect less than 1% of the inhabitants in most parts of the world.
    Allergy panel testing is available through Apollo 24

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