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Iron Studies (Iron + Tibc)

All gender10- 12 Hr fasting is required
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  • iron studies (iron + tibc)
    • total iron binding capacity ( tibc) - serum
    • iron - serum
    • % of saturation

Package Description

Sample type: BLOOD
Gender: Both
Age group: All age group
The Iron – Serum test helps to evaluate the levels of iron in the body. It also helps to diagnose deficiency of iron or iron overload. The total iron binding capacity (TIBC) – serum test helps to assess the ability of the body to transport iron in the blood. It helps in diagnosing iron deficiency and iron overload. The Iron – Serum and Total Iron binding capacity (TIBC) test is done: • In case of low levels of hemoglobin and hematocrit on complete blood count • In case of signs and symptoms of iron deficiency • In case of signs and symptoms of iron overload

Frequently asked questions

To take the blood sample, a tourniquet (elastic) band is placed tightly on the upper arm. The patient is asked to make a fist. This helps in the buildup of blood filling the veins and it becomes easy to collect the blood. The skin is cleaned before inserting the needle in the vein in order to prevent bacteria from entering. The needle is then inserted into the vein in the arm and the blood sample is collected in the vacutainer.
The signs and symptoms of anemia include chronic fatigue, tiredness, dizziness, weakness, headache, and, pale skin.
The signs and symptoms of iron overload include joint pain, fatigue, weakness, weight loss, lack of energy, abdominal pain, loss of sex drive, damage to organs such as the heart or liver.
The other tests which are advised along with serum iron and TIBC test include Transferrin test, Unsaturated iron-binding capacity test, and ferritin test.
Iron is required in very small quantities in the human body. Its role is to help in formation of normal red blood cells.
The conditions which can affect the results of the TIBC test include recent blood transfusion, multiple blood transfusions, pregnancy, use of oral contraceptives, inflammation, malnutrition, liver disease, or nephrotic syndrome.

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