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Best Dieticians in Delhi

Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, Delhi has two of the best dieticians in Delhi. Both of these dietitians have decades of experience. They are more than capable of assessing, diagnosing, and treating any dietary and nutritional issues.

Why Consult a Dietician in Delhi from Apollo Hospitals

Our dieticians hold a master’s degree or have undergone supervised post-graduate diploma/degree courses.Although their primary field of work centres around suggesting food, they can help in numerous other ways as well. This has been experienced by many of our patients, as they have benefited from this alternative approach.

Apollo provides the top dieticians in Delhi who offer more comprehensive services than nutritionists. Although most of the time dieticians and nutritionists are used interchangeably, they are far from being the same. Unlike nutritionists who can only advise people on the type and quantity of food, our dieticians can guide medical patients.

They offer in-person and online video consultations for the appropriate nutritional intake. This is crucial for someone suffering from a disease or recovering from an injury.

Thanks to our internal categorisation of dieticians, you will have no trouble finding the best dietician in Delhi. With us, you can only find the top dietician in Delhi who can help you with their specialised skillset.

Top Dietician in Delhi – Disorders Addressed

Thanks to their decades of medical expertise, our dieticians are enlisted among the top dieticians in Delhi. Their advanced training in nutrition and dietetics has proven beneficial for patients with eating disorders and malnourishment.

Some common disorders that our top dieticians in Delhi can diagnose and treat include:

  • Anorexia nervosa: The Indian population is burdened with many economic burdens and stigma. This can make treating disorders like Anorexia nervosa even more challenging. This acute case of malnutrition has a severe negative impact on the entire body. Therefore, restoring the ideal body weight and nutritional health is vital for the treatment.
  • Bulimia nervosa: Bulimia nervosa is another eating disorder. However, the condition often goes unnoticed due to common misconceptions and stigma. Women, especially in their adolescence, are more prone to this disorder than men. It is vital to consult a dietitian to treat such problems.
  • Celiac disease: Celiac disease, also known as gluten-sensitive enteropathy or celiac sprue, is an immune reaction to gluten. Gluten is a protein found in barley, rye, and wheat. Individuals with the disease experience severe inflammation in their small intestines upon consuming gluten-rich food. People with this condition should get in touch with a registered dietician.
  • Food intolerances: Food intolerance can cause difficulty in the digestion of specific food items. It can cause unpleasant reactions in the body. Common symptoms of food intolerance are bloating, tummy pain, etc. Consulting the best dietician in Delhi can help in this as well.

How does Apollo 24|7 Help - Find the Best Dietician in Delhi and Delhi NCR

At Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, we have the best dieticians in Delhi who adopt the most effective approach to treat dietary problems. Our dieticians are capable of counselling the patients and managing diseases.

You can have a seamless experience with the Apollo 24|7 app. It offers:

  • Easy booking of a dietitian in just 15 minutes
  • Online video consultation for maintaining a healthy lifestyle
  • In-person hospital visits
  • Online diet consultation and medicine purchase 

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can consult a Dietician online here at Apollo24|7. We have an excellent team of noted Dieticians in delhi . A video consultation is enough for a Dietician help you out with your problem concerning your Managing nutrition and diet regulation.

You can book an online consultation either on Apollo24|7 website or mobile app 24/7 in two ways. 1. Click 'Book Apollo Doctor Appointment' button on the website/app's homepage, select Dietician, or type the doctor's name directly. Once you select a doctor, you can click on the 'Consult Now' button to start the online consultation. 2. You can also look for a doctor based on your symptoms; you may start by going to the website/app's homepage. Then click on the 'Symptoms Checker' tab, search for your symptoms, or select a few of them based on your health condition. Click 'Consult Doctor,' select a doctor and click on the 'Consult Now' button to start the online consultation.

The Dieticians’ charges depend on their experience; You can join Apollo Circle and avail of discount benefits on consultations, medicines, and products.

Yes, you can consult a Dietician anytime in delhi. You can either book a consultation in advance, i.e., at a specific time and date, or a few minutes before at your convenience.

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