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Best Gastroenterologist in Lucknow

Apollo Hospital Lucknow is one of the most renowned integrated facilities to handle severe gastroenterologist diseases. We provide a range of extensive treatment methods to eliminate all the symptoms of gastrointestinal conditions. In addition, we offer a team of highly experienced and skilled gastroenterologists in Lucknow to deliver comprehensive treatments.

Our top gastroenterologists in Lucknow offer specialised outpatient and inpatient care for patients of all age groups. Our doctors provide both evaluatory and surgical assistance involving the GI tract and biliary organs like:

  • Esophagus 
  • Stomach
  • Bowel 
  • Pancreas
  • Liver
  • Gallbladder

The medical institution offers therapeutic endoscopy to cure hidden gastrointestinal diseases. With cutting-edge technologies and a patient-centric approach, our team ensures exhaustive evaluation and elimination of diseases.

Treatments Provided by the Best Gastroenterologists

Gastroenterologists can severely affect the daily life of patients. These diseases can be two kinds, i.e. functional and structural. Our experienced team of top gastroenterologists in Lucknow can treat all these conditions.

Some of the diseases our gastroenterology experts in Lucknow have helped patients with are as  follows:

  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome: Our experts have years of experience handling severely painful IBS. With the help of scientific research and advanced tools, we help our patients get relief from chronic symptoms of IBS.
  • Haemorrhoids: Structural diseases like haemorrhoids can lead to excessive strain during bowel movements. Our top gastroenterologists in Lucknow have the diverse skillset to handle these conditions, including surgical interventions.
  • Anal Fissures: the passage of hard stool can lead to painful cracks causing increased discomfort and intense burning sensations. Our gastroenterologists in Lucknow have deep knowledge about handling such cases with extreme talent. 
  • Anal fistula: Anal fistula is an abnormal creation of a tube-like passage leading to irritation and itching. With the help of our best gastroenterology doctors in Lucknow, patients can find suitable treatment for permanent relief. 
  • Perianal Abscesses: The blockage of glands inside the anus is highly uncomfortable. The infection caused by such obstructions can result in severe complications. Our gastroenterology specialists in Lucknow facilitate the removal of gland blockages with at-home remedies, medicines and lifestyle changes. 
  • Dyspepsia: chronic indigestion can translate into excessive burping, acid reflux, and even narrowed oesophagus. With the assistance of gastroenterology surgeons, our medical institutions avail the most convenient solutions to common gastroenterology problems. 
  • Growth Failure: The inability to develop fully is a pre-patterned sign of IBS in children. Our knowledgeable gastroenterologist in Lucknow assesses the condition in infants to ensure healthy growth and maturation. 
  • Liver Cirrhosis: Our proficient team of the best gastroenterologists in Lucknow aid in the prevention of liver failure. With advanced technology and skills, they ensure the alleviation and reversibility of the damage. 
  • Celiac Disease: Often occurring diarrhoea, celiac disease can disrupt the daily flow of events. With top-notch gastroenterologists in Lucknow, patients can manage their sensitivity to prevent the triggering of the immune response.

Our doctors extend extensive healthcare support to all patients from across the globe. We also provide collaborative medical aid with the experts of different medical departments within and outside the facility.

Our medical institution carries state-of-the-art infrastructure to handle all the significant procedures related to gastrointestinal disorders.

How Does Apollo 24|7 aid - Best Gastroenterologist in Lucknow

Gastroenterology diseases can leave patients with extreme discomfort making their mobility restricted. Apollo 24|7 aids in improving the recovery process with the help of:

  • At-home medication delivery

With Apollo, patients don't need to hunt for their medications. Instead, the pharmacy executives deliver the medicines within 2 hours of order placement. Then, all the patients need to do is upload their prescriptions.

  • Sample collection from the doorstep

For specimen diagnosis, Apollo offers the most convenient solution. First, using the app or the website, the patients can schedule a session. Then, the pharmacy provides sample collection services through expert lab technicians using simple on-app procedures.

  • Consultation with a top gastroenterologist in Lucknow

Apollo helps patients connect with excellent healthcare experts within seconds through online scheduling. All patients are required to do is finalise a doctor. After scheduling a session, patients must remain available for consultation 15 minutes prior in the waiting room. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can consult a Gastroenterology/gi Medicine Specialist online here at Apollo24|7. We have an excellent team of noted Gastroenterology/gi Medicine Specialists in lucknow . A video consultation is enough for a Gastroenterology/gi Medicine Specialist help you out with your problem concerning your Managing digestive health.

You can book an online consultation either on Apollo24|7 website or mobile app 24/7 in two ways. 1. Click 'Book Apollo Doctor Appointment' button on the website/app's homepage, select Gastroenterology/gi Medicine Specialist, or type the doctor's name directly. Once you select a doctor, you can click on the 'Consult Now' button to start the online consultation. 2. You can also look for a doctor based on your symptoms; you may start by going to the website/app's homepage. Then click on the 'Symptoms Checker' tab, search for your symptoms, or select a few of them based on your health condition. Click 'Consult Doctor,' select a doctor and click on the 'Consult Now' button to start the online consultation.

The Gastroenterology/gi Medicine Specialists’ charges depend on their experience; You can join Apollo Circle and avail of discount benefits on consultations, medicines, and products.

Yes, you can consult a Gastroenterology/gi Medicine Specialist anytime in lucknow. You can either book a consultation in advance, i.e., at a specific time and date, or a few minutes before at your convenience.

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