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Ms. Arpita Roy Choudhury, Clinical Psychologist in kolkata
Apollo 24|7

Ms. Arpita Roy Choudhury

Clinical Psychologist

10 YRS Exp.

M.Phil. In Clinical Psychology, PhD Scholar

You pay 1250



Upgrade Upgrade

English, Hindi, Bengali


Apollo Multispeciality Hospitals , Kolkata, Kolkata

Available in 3 days

Available in 3 days

Ms Moumita Ganguly, Psychologist in kolkata

Ms Moumita Ganguly


13 YRS Exp.

B.ED(Special) Visual Impairment , PG.Diploma in Rehabilitation psychology

Starts at ₹ 800


English, Hindi


M’s Clinic, Kolkata

Available at 9:30 AM

Available in 33 mins

Best Psychologist in Kolkata

If you are on the lookout for the best psychologist in Kolkata, Apollo Hospitals is your destination. Our psychologists can help you address all types of mental issues and overcome them effectively. Apollo offers the best medical facilities to diagnose and treat common psychological disorders, anxiety, and emotional stress. The doctors are experienced and trained to handle all types of patients, including adults and teenagers. We strive to ensure that patients have a pleasant and convenient experience.

At Apollo Hospitals, patients with mental issues are accorded high-quality psychological treatment. Most of our pyschologists possess an experience of more than nine years. Whether you require an OP psychologist in Kolkata or a Clinical psychologist, Apollo will be your ideal Healthcare centre.

Our psychological experts can help you overcome chronic mental problems along with current psychological issues. You can be assured of receiving the best therapy and medication to lead a better life.

Visiting a Psychologist in Kolkata: Symptoms Treated

Psychology is a specific branch of medicine that deals with the functioning of human mind and associated behaviours. To address behavioural problems and identify their solutions, Apollo assigns the pateint an appropriate psychologist in Kolkata. Here are some signs to consider if you are unsure of opting for psychological therapy:

  • Feeling extremely stressed and anxious all the time
  • Lack of interest and motivation in daily activities
  • Feeling disconnected from preferred activities
  • Unexplained headaches and digestive issues
  • You are unable to recover from a loved one's death
  • Unexplained phobias
  • Depression and feelings of hopelessness

It is vital to contact expert psychologists to address these symptoms at once. Their guidance will help you manage mental issues and restore balance in your life. Seeking immediate medical consultation will prevent the complications from worsening.

You can consider Apollo the best psychologist hospital in Kolkata for treating all mental disorders. The expert doctors will evaluate your medical history and current psychological symptoms to diagnose the issue. It's important that you discuss any health complications you might be suffering from.

Expert Psychologist in Kolkata: Subspecialties

The doctors at Apollo have the expertise and skill in multiple sub-categories. You can access the appropriate treatment facilities and therapy sessions at our hospitals. Our doctors will deliver the best service utilising the latest equipment and techniques.

At Apollo Hospitals Kolkata, you can access the top treatment in multiple specialities in psychology:

  • Clinical Psychology - This sub-category provides behavioural and mental health treatment to patients. Clinical psychologists attend to intellectual, psychological, social, and emotional disorders.  
  • Cognitive Psychology - The field involves the treatment of problems related to thinking, attention, problem-solving, and learning. It can help patients overcome speech, vision and mental development problems. Moreover, it can benefit people having developmental issues.
  • Neuropsychological Diagnosis – This form of treatment can be beneficial for children suffering from cognitive disorders. Doctors will conduct a comprehensive treatment to diagnose any learning disabilities and critical thinking disorders among children. 
  • Relationship Enhancement Therapy – This category provides couples and families strategies to improve their relationships. Doctors help them communicate and express themselves clearly and offer them coping strategies.  
  • Spiritual Therapy - It is a form of psychological counselling that helps patients detoxify their minds and bodies. Doctors might provide special counselling and belief systems to assist patients in overcoming life's difficulties.

You might be suffering from mental disorders that are affecting your work and personal life. It is high time that you contact an OP psychologist in Kolkata or a Clinical psychologist Kolkata to treat the problems. Apollo will always be at your service to make your life simpler.

How Can Apollo 24|7 Help You – Top Psychologist in Kolkata

Apollo is the most trusted psychologist hospital in Kolkata. The hospital is well renowned for its top-notch facilities. All our treatment and medical services come at a reasonable price to cater to your needs.

  • Convenient Treatment Booking - Book online medical consultation or an offline visit through our convenient portal.
  • Receive Digital Prescriptions - Access digital prescriptions from your doctor after the consultation through the Apollo 24|7 platform. You can save and share these digital documents at your convenience.   
  • Online Medicine Orders - You can order the required medicines according to the doctor's prescription from our online portal. We will send the medicines securely and swiftly at your doorstep.

Avail the best facilities for psychological treatment or locate a nearby psychologist in Kolkata through our Apollo 24|7 platform.  

Frequently Asked Questions

How to book an appointment with a psychologist in Kolkata?

You can book an appointment with a psychologist through the mobile app or official website. Select your preferred doctor and click on the 'Book Apollo Doctor Appointment' option. Then, you can click on the "Consult Now" button to begin the online consultation.

Yes, you can book a Clinical psychologist Kolkata according to your symptoms. Click on the Symptoms Checker option on the website or mobile app. Select your symptoms and click on Consult Doctor to start the treatment or consultation. Apollo ensures that you get the maximum flexibility while choosing treatment options.

A clinical or OP psychologist in Kolkata might charge a fee of around INR 1200 for consultation. However, these expenses may vary depending on the doctor's experience, expertise, and your current medical condition. You can contact doctors at Apollo to discuss available consultation discounts, offers and benefits.

Apollo 24|7 will give you access to an OP psychologist in Kolkata whenever you need it. Most of our doctors are available all the time and offer prompt services upon booking. You can also book an urgent appointment to treat your mental complications.

Yes, you can avail online consultation services of our expert clinical psychologists through the Apollo 24|7 app. Our comprehensive video consultation will help you address your psychological problems. If you need, you can book a hospital visit with Apollo. However, this might be notified by the doctor.

Apollo being the top psychologist hospital in Kolkata offers prompt prescriptions after every consultation. For video consultations, you will receive digital prescriptions instantly after the session. You can also ask questions related to your treatment or medication after studying the prescription.

If you need a physical consultation with the doctor, you can visit the Apollo Hospitals Kolkata centre at the Phool Bagan, Kankurgachi area. However, it will only be possible if the doctor offers physical visits.

The duration of any psychological treatment depends on the patient’s mental conditions and disorders. It can range from a few weeks to several years.However, Apollo aims to provide the most convenient and swift treatment at the psychologist hospital in Kolkata.

It is not necessary that you will need psychological medication throughout your life. For some patients, 12 months might be enough to cure disorders like depression, anxiety, or recovery from trauma.