Dr. Basheer AhmedApollo Doctor

Dr. Basheer Ahmed


Allergist and Clinical Immunologist

30+ years experience


M.B, Ph.D


English, Hindi, Tamil


Apollo Hospitals Heart Centre Thousand Lights

Shafee Mohammed Road, Thousand Lights West Chennai Tamil Nadu

About Doctor

Dr. Basheer Ahmed is a seasoned allergist and clinical immunologist based in Chennai, renowned for his expertise in effectively treating patients grappling with a myriad of allergies, immune deficiencies, and autoimmune disorders. With a wealth of experience spanning 30 years, Dr. Basheer is esteemed for his commitment to providing personalised treatment plans tailored to each patient's distinct needs. As one of the foremost allergists in Chennai, Dr. Ahmed boasts extensive experience in diagnosing and managing a diverse range of conditions including hay fever, asthma, food allergies, eczema, hives, and sinusitis. He recognizes the profound impact allergies can have on an individual's quality of life and diligently delves into identifying the underlying causes of these issues. Seeking guidance from a specialist like Dr. Ahmed offers numerous advantages over consulting a general practitioner for allergy-related concerns. Specialists, armed with additional training and expertise, possess the acumen to deliver precise diagnoses and craft more effective treatment strategies. Furthermore, they leverage specialized diagnostic tools and tests to pinpoint the specific allergens triggering a patient's symptoms. Dr. Basheer Ahmed adopts a holistic approach in addressing patients' allergic reactions or immune disorders. Following meticulous diagnostic assessments, he devises customised treatment plans tailored to each patient's needs. These plans may encompass a spectrum of interventions including medications such as antihistamines or corticosteroids, immunotherapy (allergy shots), or dietary modifications. In summation, Dr. Basheer Ahmed emerges as a distinguished and empathetic allergist, boasting extensive proficiency in managing various allergies and immune system disorders. His patient-centric approach prioritises personalised care, aiming to alleviate the discomfort associated with allergic reactions while simultaneously enhancing overall health outcomes for his patients. 

If you're in need of a allergist and clinical immunologist in your area, Dr. Basheer Ahmed could be an excellent choice for personalized and top-notch medical attention.

Patient Reviews



1 month ago

allergy on body

Very nice and pleasant experience.

Best doctor ever


Karthik Krishna

3 months ago

Allergy on Face

Dr. Basheer is pretty awesome. Thanks for the guidance. Hope to resolve my issue for good. Thanks Dr. Basheer

very good doctor


madhavi kaki

1 year ago


Dr.Basheer sir Namasthe!! Best Dr ever...I m really blessed to meet u ...I m suffering elergy since one year ...from one month I m using ur prescribed medicine ...hope I am little bit good now .. Thank you so much sir 🙏 best Elergy immunologist Doctor

Highly Recommended


Praveen Titus Francis

3 years ago


Excellent consultation

Excellent doctor




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How can I take an appointment with Dr Basheer Ahmed ?

To book an online appointment with Dr Basheer Ahmed, you can visit the app/website of Apollo 24/7, search for Dr Basheer Ahmed name, and click on the ‘Consult’ button. Once you make the payment and confirm the consultation, your online appointment will be booked for the chosen appointment time.

Where does Dr Basheer Ahmed practice?

Dr Basheer Ahmed offers online consultations on our web platform Apollo 24/7 and Apollo 24/7 App. Also, available for physical consultations at the following locations:

Apollo Hospitals Heart Centre Thousand Lights,Chennai

What is the educational qualification of Dr Basheer Ahmed ?

Dr Basheer Ahmed is a Allergist And Clinical Immunologist with over 30 Yrs. years of experience and has the following qualifications -M.B, Ph.D

What languages can Dr Basheer Ahmed speak?

Dr Basheer Ahmed can speak English, Hindi, Tamil.

Why do patients visit Dr Basheer Ahmed?

Patients visit Dr Basheer Ahmed for Allergist and Clinical Immunologist related problems. To see more reasons visit the doctor's profile on Apollo 24|7.