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Dr. Nitish Anchal

Dr. Nitish Anchal

Vascular & Endovascular Surgery| 18 Yrs
Doctor Education
Apollo Hospitals Indraprastha,South Delhi
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English, Hindi, Kannada, Nepali
About Dr. Nitish Anchal

Dr. Nitish Anchal is a well-known vascular and endovascular surgeon in Delhi-NCR. He is specialized in procedures such as endovascular & vascular surgery, aneurysm surgery, endovascular stent graft, sclerotherapy, and cerebrovascular surgery. The doctor believes in using a minimally invasive approach to treat vascular diseases.

Dr. Nitish has many publications to his name and is a member of the Vascular Society of India. Prior to joining Apollo Hospitals, he had served as the Head of Department (Vascular & Endovascular Surgery) in Manipal Hospital, Dwarka.


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Professional Memberships
  • Vascular Society of India
Research and Publications
  • Parathyroid Cyst A Rare Diagnosis of A Neck Swelling: N. Kaur, S. Saha, Nitish Anchal (2009)
  • Journal of Clinical & Diagnostic Research, August .2009 B: 1679-1681
  • Antral Mucosal Valve; a rare cause of gastric outlet obstruction in newborn, A. Pratap, A. Tiwari, C. Agrawal, Pramod Shreshta, Nitish Anchal, V.Shakya - The Journal of Paediatric Surgery
  • Falciform ligament abscess with portal Pyemia in a new-born – A. Pratap, A. Tiwari V. Shakya, Journal of Paediatric Surgery (2006)
  • Mature solid teratoma of the rectum: Report of a case, B.Kumar, Manoj Kumar, R.Sen, Nitish Anchal, 28 November 2008
  • Complex posterior urethral disruptions: management by combined abdominal transphobic perineal urethroplasty.
  • Annular Pancreas: An Unusual Presentation.- Nitish Anchal, Prithpal Singh, Saket Goel, S.Sikka, Deepshikha Arora, D. Govil Apollo Medicine (1 December 2010)
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  • Endovascular Surgery
  • Aneurysm Surgery
  • Endovascular Stent Graft
  • Vascular Trauma
  • Vascular Surgery
  • Sclerotherapy
  • Aorto Lliac & Femoral Angioplasty
  • Cerebrovascular Surgery
  • Embolization for Fibroid
  • Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm
  • Aortic Arch Disease
  • Aortic Dissection
  • Aortofemoral Bypass surgery
  • Atherosclerosis
  • Carotid Artery Disease
  • Angioradiology & Endovascular Surgery
  • Carotid Endarterectomy
  • Carotid Stenting
  • Charcot Foot
  • Congenital Vascular Malformations (CVM)
  • Raynaud's Phenomenon
  • Varicose Veins Treatment
  • IVC Filter Placement
  • Venous Angioplasty & Stenting
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Frequently Asked Questions

To book an online appointment with Dr Nitish Anchal, you can visit the app/website of Apollo 24/7, search for Dr Nitish Anchal name, and click on the ‘Consult’ button. Once you make the payment and confirm the consultation, your online appointment will be booked for the chosen appointment time.

Dr Nitish Anchal offers online consultations on our web platform Apollo 24/7 and Apollo 24/7 App. Also, available for physical consultations at the following locations: Apollo Hospitals Indraprastha,South Delhi

Dr Nitish Anchal is a Vascular & Endovascular Surgeon with over 18 Yrs. years of experience and has the following qualifications -MBBS, MS, FVES

Dr Nitish Anchal can speak English, Hindi, Kannada, Nepali.

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