Dr. Venkata Rao Abbineni

Dr. Venkata Rao Abbineni

General Physician/ Internal Medicine| 40 Yrs
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Apollo Hospitals Jubilee Hills,Hyderabad
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English, Telugu, Hindi
About Dr. Venkata Rao Abbineni

Dr Venkata Rao Abbineni is one of the most reputed general physicians in Hyderabad. He is highly experienced in providing non-surgical treatment of various medical conditions. This includes relatively minor complications such as seasonal allergies and the common cold to more advanced problems like typhoid, irritable bowel disease, rheumatic heart disease, and chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases.

In addition to that, Dr Abbineni is also one of Apollo's senior internal medicine specialists. Internal medicine is a branch of medical science that deals with diagnosing, treating, and managing diseases that display undifferentiated symptoms. For example, clinical markers such as weight loss and indigestion can result from a broad range of disorders. Dr Abbineni’s expertise enables him to precisely identify the underlying pathological cause of the problem, thereby facilitating the appropriate treatment.

This focus on determining the exact nature of a condition is evident in the extensive diagnostic evaluation he conducts for each patient. Dr Venkata Rao supplements this diagnostic approach with a detailed analysis of the patient's medical history. This enables him to curate a treatment plan that factors each aspect of an individual’s case.

In addition, while he does not perform surgical procedures, Dr Venkata Rao serves as the first point of contact for almost all ailments and illnesses. As such, his expertise in general medicine allows him to quickly identify whether an individual requires specialized medical care.

Over his long and distinguished career, Dr Venkata Rao Abbineni has dealt with numerous complex and rare conditions. Subsequently, his clinical experience encompasses several different fields. And it is his vast expertise that makes him one of the most accomplished general physicians in Hyderabad.

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Detailed Experience

1. Consultant Physician at Ravitheja Nursing Home (1981 - 1982)

2. Consultant Physician at Krishna Nursing Home & Polyclinic, Gandhinagar, Rajahmundry, Andhra Pradesh (1982 - 2001)

3. Chief Physician at Bollineni Heart Centre, City Hospital, Rajahmundry, Andhra Pradesh

4. Working in Apollo Hospitals, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad since last assignment

Professional Memberships
  • Life Member of Association of Physician of India (Andhra Pradesh)
  • Typhoid Fever Treatment
  • Chronic Pain Treatment
  • Infectious Disease Treatment
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome ( IBS ) Treatment
  • Head and Neck Infection Treatment
  • Diabetes Management
  • Filaria Treatment
  • Dengue Fever Treatment
  • Viral Fever Treatment
  • Congenital Disorders Evaluation / Treatment
  • Rheumatic Heart Disease Treatment
  • Disorders of Puberty
  • Plantar Fascitis
  • Insulin Free Treatment
  • Fever Treatment
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Frequently Asked Questions

To book an online appointment with Dr Venkata Rao Abbineni, you can visit the app/website of Apollo 24/7, search for Dr Venkata Rao Abbineni name, and click on the ‘Consult’ button. Once you make the payment and confirm the consultation, your online appointment will be booked for the chosen appointment time.

Dr Venkata Rao Abbineni offers online consultations on our web platform Apollo 24/7 and Apollo 24/7 App. Also, available for physical consultations at the following locations: Apollo Hospitals Jubilee Hills,Hyderabad

Dr Venkata Rao Abbineni is a General Physician/ Internal Medicine Specialist with over 40 Yrs. years of experience and has the following qualifications -MBBS, MD

Dr Venkata Rao Abbineni can speak English, Telugu, Hindi.

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